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Come work with me!

I love taking a mentorship/friend spin on critique work. I like to get to know my clients so I offer a gratis phone call before we get started to talk through your project(s) and vision.

I offer various types of services to straightforward editorial letters and line edits to publishing journey assistance and call support during your querying journey!


I'm all about building a working relationship so that I learn what you expect, want, and what style of communication works best for you. I tend to build relationship first so that when it comes time to critique, it feels like teamwork towards you goal. I also believe in revision and rewrites so I offer quick read options to add to most critique services. 


I'm your biggest cheerleader, but I also know my stuff and am obsessed with craft, innovative projects, and giving you real tools you can take on to your next projects. I'd be honored to work with you and your beautiful book! You can reach out to me with inquires through my contact page.


Critique Services

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