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Why take a class with Ari? Her books aren't out yet! 

Such a good question! While my books are forthcoming (yay!), I am also an editor, a published poet and essayist and teach creative writing (poetry, fiction, CNF, Advanced Writing Seminar) at the University level. I've taught adults, elders, teens, new writers, and writers with MFAS at places like the Loft Literary Center, workshops, conferences, and one-day classes. I've mentored city writers, rural writers, and keep contact with my students post-graduation.


I am particularly interested in supporting voices and be the support your work to help you bring everything you've got to the table. I love to teach everything from the basics to innovation. 

Along with being an writer, poet, and educator, I'm also a practicing autoethnographer and ethnographer. I'm passionate about bringing tools for BIPOC writers in their individual writing journeys by creating craft elements to the Western teaching of creative writing. Though my study, I've encountered new points of view, new plot structures, and am building craft elements based on my particular people group that can be applied to writing and expand the traditional forms of teaching.   

About my teaching style: I use aboutness as anchor. We talk about what your intention is for a piece, and if you're not sure, we work on that too! With this, we get going as every work has it's own rules. I am all about giving you feedback you can apply to the piece but also elsewhere, provide mentor texts, and supporting bring system to innovation. 



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